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About us


Asian Tools is an Engineering farm leading local supplier of all sorts of industrial tools, parts & Industrial Machines equipment to the end user. It has supplied & installed numerous machinery & equipment to the countries prestigious organization. Over 60 years of focused business has resulted in reliable, quality and capability for Asian Tools far advanced then the rest.

The company's vision is to make progress possible through excellence in technology, integrity and unsurpassed customer services. The company principles evolve around the idea of providing high quality customer services with reliability and innovative practices through persistent teamwork of responsible employees.

why choose us

There are many good reasons why ASIAN TOOLS works has been widely acknowledged as Mould Maker to Industrial Equipment Repair Experts. Companies throughout the Western United States and Middle East know that whether the project involves industrial motor or machine repair services, or any other rotating plant equipment overhaul, Asian Tools has a team of experts unmatched in the industrial equipment repair industry & machine parts making.
We know the importance of delivery time with reasonable price—our team of managers, mechanics, designers, machinists, welders and engineers will work around the clock if necessary to satisfy your industrial machinery repair needs and stop your downtime. Asian Tools industrial equipment maintenance teams are all experts in their fields with many years of experience.Machine parts or tools manufacture, machine tools repair, gearbox repair, new tools manufacture, turbine repairyou name it —rotating equipment repair is in our regular job.

Asian Tools committed to Deliver Timely within Minimul Price. 

Since 1948, Asian Tools offers a one-stop solution in plastic (injection) mold manufacturing. We have a team of engineers and technicians, in-house, who are involved in every step of the mold making process. We perfectly execute the injection mold making process in order to create the highest quality, most durable molds in the industry.

Our Excellencies:
  • Innovative Engineering & Designers
  • Knowledge & Experience in Mould Making
  • Value & Price competitive
  • Maximize cavities in mould
  • Decrease cycle time
  • Reduce downtime
  • Minimal service requirement in our making moulds.
  • After sales service.