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Allied Parts & Machine Tools Manufacturer

Unlike the rest of the gear making industry, we offer low volume or totally one-off gear production without any minimum quantities, and we are built to give the most capability in producing the full spectrum of gear geometry and the most economic service available nationwide for small quantity production of common gear types.

Ability to Making Gear Types.
  • Spur gears: module or any custom form.
  • Helical, spiral or herringbone
  • Gear racks for all geometry types
  • Bevel or skew bevel gears
  • Worms and worm wheels
  • Hindley worm, hourglass or Gemmer type steering gears
  • Elliptical, epic cyclic or other variants.
  • Internal gears
  • Intermittent gears & ratchet mechanisms
  • Various Cams & Lobes
  • Knurling & flat knurling
  • Roller chain sprockets
  • Track drive, cogged belt & custom sprocket types